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Deploy with us the predictive analytics

By deployment of Predictive Maintenance we help our clients to get long-term financial benefits, minimizing failures and unplanned downtimes and optimizing the maintenance process.

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Success in Pais. RS among winners of GE Digital Industry

3 January 2018
We won GE Digital Industry Challenge 1 competition (the official website of the GE Digital Industry)! We will have the opportunity to cooperate directly with GE Power and deploy globally our solution. Our company will design a tool to predict the improvement potential of using their advanced...
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Merry Christmas!

22 December 2017
We wish all customers, colleagues and friends a joyful and peaceful Christmas spent together with family. We wish you a lot of smile every day and a Happy New Year. We hope that you will be able to implement all your plans and get satisfaction from the achieving...
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An academic degree for our R&D Director

21 December 2017
We are pleased to announce the scientific success of Paweł Morkisz, our R&D director. On the 1st of December 2017 at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics, University of Science and Technology held a public defense of his doctoral thesis entitled “Optimal algorithms for solving piecewise...
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Double finals during GE Digital Industry for RS!

29 November 2017
RS has just been selected to the final round of GE Digital Industry Season 2. Digital Industry is a call for collaboration with GE to build and deploy advanced data solutions using GE’s cloud-based platform Predix. Our company has entered two competitions: first one, defined by GE Power is to...
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RS collaborates with EDF Poland

19 October 2017
We have pleasure to announce that RS has just started collaboration with EDF Polska S.A. We have signed a contract for generating predictive maintenance models which predict potential unwanted behaviors of the steam boiler used in electrical power and heating station in Krakow. The models will be...
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100% failure predictability in Tauron Group

21 August 2017
We are pleased to announce that on August 2, 2017 we completed the Proof of Concept phase for Tauron Manufacturing S.A. Our project was designed to build a predictive model that will detect the upcoming failure of a fluidized bed boiler. The predictive model was based on the historical data,...
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RS solutions in MPK Krakow buses

24 July 2017
RS established cooperation with MPK Krakow. The project includes the installation of RS Predictive Maintenance devices (The Eye) for the selected bus population of the Krakow carrier. Installed devices allow to collect and analyze the sensor data in real-time to anticipate impending errors in time....
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RS on Impact’17 CEE

2 June 2017
Over 300 speakers, nearly 1000 sessions and lectures, countless accompanying events and activities. The Impact’17 CEE Congress in Krakow, which we attended from May 31st to June 1st, was a great opportunity to get to know the latest trends in industry and new technologies. It was also a great...
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Reliability Solutions cooperates with Volkswagen Motor Polska

21 April 2017
We have a pleasure to inform you Reliability Solutions signed a contract with Volkswagen Motor Polska in Polkowice. An agreement includes Proof of Concept analysis of our predictive maintenance system based on Deep Learning algorithms which allows to predict failures and unplanned downtimes. Our...
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RS on Hannover Messe Trade Fair

14 April 2017
Hannover Messe Trade Fair which is the biggest and the most important event in the world of industry will take place from 24 th to 28 th April 2017 in Hannover, Germany. The topic this year is “Integrated Industry – Creating Value” and is concerned mostly with implementing innovative...
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RS on GTC in San Jose

30 March 2017
  The GPU Technology Conference will take place from 8th May to the 11th May 2017 in San Jose, California. Reliability Solutions is among a few start-ups chosen by NVIDIA in the NVIDIA Inception program to take part in this event on which we will present our Predictive Maintenance solutions...
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RS on GVF in San Francisco

22 March 2017
We are glad to inform you that RS was invited to the 4th Global Venture Forum in San Francisco, USA. It is a great honor for our company as only 25 start-ups from all over the world has the possibility to present there. GVF aims at helping entrepreneurs connect with partners and clients from...
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RS cooperates with Rimac Automobili

2 March 2017
We have the pleasure to inform that on March 2nd 2017 the official cooperation of Reliability Solutions and Croatian company Rimac Automobili was established. The project’s main goal is to conduct predictive analytics and root cause analysis for crucial components of an electric supercar. The...
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RS cooperates with NVIDIA

15 February 2017
We have just been accepted to the acceleration program – NVIDIA Inception. It is dedicated solely to the startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. During this program RS will get assistance from experts and mentoring that will help us optimize usage of...
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RSIMS in the final stage of the “Product of the year 2016” contest

8 February 2017
We are delighted to inform that our RSIMS was classified to the final stage of the “Product of the year 2016” contest held by the ace magazine “Inżynieria i Utrzymanie Ruchu” . If you find RSIMS innovative and efficient please vote on us here. Our system’s category is...
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RS cooperation with Tauron

1 February 2017
We are glad to inform that on 26th of January 2017 an official cooperation of Reliability Solutions and Tauron Wytwarzanie S.A. was established. The project’s main goal is to implement predictive analytics for crucial machines in the power plant Łagisza in Będzin, and in the next phase also for...
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RS nominated for The Prize of Polish Intelligent Development 2017

23 January 2017
We are delighted to inform that we are nominated for the The Prize of Polish Intelligent Development 2017 for the project called “Deep learning as a scattered system of energetically effective autonomous devices for optimization of machines’ exploitation process”. The initiator of the...
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Merry Christmas!

22 December 2016
We wish all Customers, Colleagues, and Friends joyous and peaceful Christmas full of love. May the forthcoming year bring you realization of everything that brings profits, predict what hinders it, and avoid what can be avoided. We wish you a lot of joy and success, wise rest in minor matters and...
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RSIMS in “Inżynieria i Utrzymanie Ruchu” magazine

15 December 2016
“Inżynieria i Utrzymanie Ruchu” magazine published an article on advantages of modern approach to technical maintenance of machines in the production process. The article explains how to choose an appropriate analytical system of predictive maintenance. It also shows the competitive...
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European Funds

1 December 2016
Reliability Solutions has been executing a project called „Deep Learning in distributed system of energetically effective mobile devices to optimize the process of machine exploitation” co-funded by European Regional Development Fund within 1.1 Activity “Projects B+R” Subactivity 1.1.1...
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RS on TV again – a closer look at the company

23 November 2016
The media have noticed us once again. At the end of 2016 Reliability Solutions starred in an episode of a TV series. The episode shows innovative solutions of our company which give the opportunity to predict failures in public transport vehicles. The TV crew accompanied us both in and outside the...
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RS at the PZU conference – Risk Engineering Days

15 October 2016
The annual conference Risk Engineering Days initiated by PZU was held on 13-14 October 2016 in Sopot. This year the main topic involved innovations in Polish industry as well as management over risk and technical safety. The conference aimed mainly at representatives of the leading-edge industries...
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Grant from the  National Centre for Research and Development

20 September 2016
We are delighted to inform that the project “Deep learning in terms of a distributed system of energetically effective portable devices for optimization of exploitation process of machines” was recommended by the National Centre for Research and Development to be financed ithin the Smart...
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RS at the GTC Conference in Amsterdam

16 September 2016
Reliability Solutions will take part in the GPU Technology Conference Europe on 28-29 September 2016 in Amsterdam. The conference is dedicated to attracts entrepreneurs that use modern technological solutions as well as investors and the press. The aim is to expose modern technological solutions to...
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Udział RS w “SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016”

12 September 2016
W dniach 20-22 września 2016 r. prezes Mateusz Marzec oraz dyrektor R&D Paweł Mоrkisz wezmą udział w konferencji SAI Intelligent Systems Conference 2016, która obędzie się w Londynie. Wygłoszą referat pt. “Intelligent Predictive Maintenance System”, którego celem będzie...
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XVIII Symposium Energetyka Bełchatów

30 August 2016
Reliability Solutions will take part in the XVIII annual Scientific and Technical Symposium Energetyka Bełchatów 5-7th September 2016. This event is a great opportunity to exchange experience with leading entrepreneurs on the market. The talk entitled “Predictive Maintenance – nowoczesne...
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RSIMS in the July issue of “Rynek Inwestycji” magazine

26 July 2016
In the business and economic magazine, “Rynek Inwestycji”, was published an article on our innovative RSIMS system. Predictive maintenance is the most modern approach to equipment maintenance, which due to its huge efficiency, gains more and more followers. Read the article if you want...
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Reliability Solutions at the Maintenance 2016 trade fair

15 July 2016
We have a pleasure to invite you to 7th Trade Fair for Suppliers of Maintenance Products and Services – Maintenance 2016. This is a unique event, which has grown into one of the most important in the industry. For us it will be an excellent opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs and...
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Article on RSIMS in “Główny Mechanik” magazine

18 June 2016
In the the June issue of “Główny Mechanik“ magazine, focusing on issues related to broadly defined maintenance and production support, appeared an article about our RSIMS system. The article described advantages in the context of maintenance optimization, resulting in minimizing...
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RS among the start-ups presented at Impact ’16

17 June 2016
Reliability Solutions participated in the conference “Impact ’16 – 4.0 Economy”, which was held on 15-16 June 2016 in Kraków, at the ICE Krakow Conference Centre. This conference was the most important Polish event related to the modern economy. Ministers, hundreds of...
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RS co-organizes “RISK project 2016”

12 May 2016
The scientific – technical conference “RISK project 2016” was held in Warsaw on 10-11 May 2016. It focused on innovative solutions in risk management in the industry. Reliability Solutions was a co-organizer of this event. Mateusz Marzec, Reliability Solutions’ CEO, gave a...
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The new project is a chance for Polish startups

18 February 2016
  We received an invitation from Mateusz Morawiecki – Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Development. During the meeting members of our team spoke out about the postulates of program Start in Poland. The new project of the Ministry of Development is aimed at increasing the chances of...
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Success in the International Mathematical Olympiad

17 February 2016
  We are pleased to announce that our R&D Director, Paweł MОrkisz, won a silver medal at the International Mathematical Olympiad, which took place in Belarus. We invite you to read the final results of all the participants. This is yet another medal of our Director. So far he has won 13...
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Reliability Solutions in programme “Innovations for you”, TVP 1

23 July 2015
  Mateusz Marzec, Reliability Solutions’ CEO, was invited to the TV programme “Innovations for you”, hosted by Roman Młodkowski, in which he presented the solutions used by our company. During the interview Mateusz Marzec was able to present, i.a. a brief history of the...
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Predictive Maintenance is a remarkably efficient modern approach to maintenance. With use of artificial intelligence huge amounts of data are analyzed in order to find dependencies that predict/foresee failures long before they occur. Due to this knowledge one can avoid failures and optimize the whole maintenance process.

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We provide different Predictive Maintenance solutions from centralized analytical system with limitless possibilities to small autonomous prediction devices which do calculations directly on the device. Our solutions base on the cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms such as Deep Learning and use computational infrastructure based on graphic processors.

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Our solutions will help you not only avoid the cost of failures but also optimize exploitation, maintenance and logistic processes and, as a result, bring financial profit to your company:

  • lowering failure occurrences by 70-75%,
  • lowering unplanned stops time by 35-45%,
  • lowering maintenance cost by 25-35%,
  • increasing production benefit by 20-25%.
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We are the AGH UST spin-off established in 2014. We gathered experience in fields such as building and exploitation of machines, mechatronics, applied mathematics and computer science. Our team is the combination of great experience of well-known professors and fresh look and innovative approach of younger members of the team. It enables us to achieve the synergy (effect) and implement the cutting-edge data analysis algorithms in a quick and efficient way.

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The arm cilinder
Oncoming failure within 3 days
Pressure drop - hydraulic aggregate maintenance recommended
Oncoming failure within 14 days
Overheating - inverter cooling system control recommended
The arm cilinder
Proper work

Proper work
Rolling bearing
Proper work

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