RS solutions in MPK Krakow buses

RS established cooperation with MPK Krakow. The project includes the installation of RS Predictive Maintenance devices (The Eye) for the selected bus population of the Krakow carrier. Installed devices allow to collect and analyze the sensor data in real-time to anticipate impending errors in time.

The main objectives of the project are to reduce the failure rate, to optimize the management of the bus service and, consequently, to increase the reliability of the services provided and improve passenger safety.

The Eye allows to identify vehicle components that, due to the high risk of failure, should be replaced immediately during scheduled inspections. The heart of the solution is the algorithms of artificial intelligence (deep learning). The solution gives you the opportunity to exchange knowledge (between different devices) acquired during the operation (eg the possibility to predict the type of fault). The Eye gives the ability to make calculations directly on the vehicle which eliminates the need for internet access and increases cyber security.

We hope that the pilot project implemented with MPK Krakow will open the way to increase the comfort and safety of public transport not only in our home town.