RS takes another step in Digital Transformation – Prescriptive Analytics!

Industry is rapidly changing and to stay competitive, our customers are constantly looking
for the new ways to maximize their profits and minimize the expenses. New era of digital
transformation opens a completely new path for achieving this goal.

We always knew that our approach to Predictive Maintenance is a real break-through. Today, our proprietary unified analytical pipeline enables us to achieve goals completely out of range for our competitors. When we build PdM model for an asset, we always use all available data resources to pre-process it by our powerful analytical engine. Obtained prediction accuracy is always far beyond even wildest expectations! Nevertheless, for us Predictive Maintenance is only a first step and now we are ready to take another one to be far from the competition.

Let’s imagine that thanks to our solution you know exactly what is going to happen. If so, you can simulate different scenarios, predict their outcome and choose the best decisions to maximize profits. That approach is called – Prescriptive Maintenance. We have been working hard on Prescriptive Analytics for a long time to gain experience by conducting pilots and PoCs and now we can truly say – We are ready!

Together with one of the biggest chemical companies in central Europe, we conducted a project which goal was to minimize media consumption and maximize outcome only by optimizing the steering of the installation! To achieve that we built deep neural network based metamodel of chemical installation and validated it with reality. We found out that our virtual metamodel had more than 90% of accuracy. In the next step, we used this powerful virtual playground to look for profits. By optimization algorithms (e.g. PSO) we found out best steering procedures suited for different operational scenarios which resulted in more than 2% hydrogen consumption reduction, resulting in multimillion savings yearly! What’s more, the optimal steering procedure takes into consideration current technical condition of the production assets, current prices, resources, and many others. Currently, we are planning to deploy a solution as a support decision making, and after a successful test, completely integrate it with the automatic installation steering system, closing the loop.
We are also involved in two other similar projects – the first one is for one for the biggest energy company in Poland and the second one is as an EU consortium with the biggest and most technologically developed chemical companies across Europe – we are very proud to be a part of it!

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us – the real Reliability Solutions train of Industry 4.0 has just arrived – jump on!

Mateusz Marzec, CEO