RS addresses a new market – Food Manufacturing

It is said that Predictive Maintenance strategy implementation is costly and therefore suitable only for verticals where each hour of asset downtime causes humongous financial losses. By implementing our new business approach, we prove that none of these is true!

Whatever decision you make you should always know what the potential gains, costs, and risks are. Exactly the same is with PdM strategy implementation. To meet the expectations, you should be aware of your technical possibilities, projected costs, and potential savings coming from a deployment of modern maintenance strategies. Because PdM solutions are usually expensive, and gains from a particular machine in food industry are not too high, many daredevils can finish with empty pockets. That’s why clearly specified, not exaggerated goals and strategy of achieving them are more than precious here.

Our new business approach is a game changer. We were able to divide products and services into clearly defined blocks in terms of its potential gains and impact on a project business case. That allows our clients to build and execute a strategy of deploying not too big and not too small – just a perfect scope of PdM solution optimized in terms of costs, potential gains, and technical possibilities.

We are pleased to announce that currently, we are conducting projects for two big players in food industry, i.e. one of the biggest food producers in Poland and a Swiss company producing machines that have a huge presence in pre-processing of chocolate, corn, and wheat worldwide. We hope that after fulfilling specified KPI’s, very soon we will be able to brag openly about the cooperation and achieved goals – stay tuned!

Mateusz Marzec, CEO